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Dr. Tenzin Choephel represented Tibetan Scientific Society for the second time at the annual Machik Weekend that was recently held from November 9-11, 2018 in New York City. Machik Weekend is organized by Machik, a U.S.-based non-profit, non-governmental organisation that incubates social innovation in Tibet. Their work focuses on five main areas: The Chungba Project, Women's Initiatives, Summer Enrichment Program, Social Entrepreneurship, Youth Leadership, and Governance

Tenzin Pasang. 13-Nov-2018. TSS News
Tibetan Scientific Society is pleased to invite Tibetan science students in any scientific discipline to participate in the 5th Tibetan Science Conclave. Financial support, including travel expenses and accommodation, will be provided for the first forty selected registrants. A limited number of Tibetan school and monastic science students will be exclusively selected to participate in this conclave.

Tsenrig Inspire Program for Schools (TIPS) is an initiative started by Tibetan Scientific Society to generate interest in science among school students through hands-on activities. The first TIPS event was held at SOS TCV Bylakuppe in November 2017.

Tenzin Pasang. 31-Oct-2018. TSS News
Tibetan Scientific Society is extremely pleased to invite Tibetan science research scholars and students, monks and nuns who are enthusiastic about exploring and advancing the dialogue between modern science and Buddhist science to present anything that is of scientific and technical interest.

Around hundred Tibetans, including high schoolers, university students and students from Buddhist monastic universities, gathered at the premise of Tibetan youth hostel in the South Indian city of Bengaluru from 15-18 December to participate in the fourth Tibetan Science Conclave.

Tenzin Pasang. 20-Dec-2016. TSS News
A large number of Tibetan science students and researchers from around the country are gathered today on the first day of a four-day event called Tibetan Science Conclave-III at the compound of Tibetan youth hostel in Bangaluru.

Tenzin Pasang. 18-Oct-2016. TSS News

From December 23-14, 2017, Tibetan scientists and Buddhist scholars came together for a two-day meeting at Sera Jey Science Center in Bylakuppe, India and discussed various topics covering the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, Buddhist science and spirituality.

Tenzin Pasang. 18-Oct-2016. TSS News
The board members of Tibetan Scientific Society are pleased to invite applications for research project grant for eligible Tibetans. The awards provide up to Rupees 10,000 to cover the costs associated with the student’s project work. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and an applicant cannot submit more than one application.

Representatives of Tibetan Scientific Society attended 30th Mind and Life Conference on Perception, Concepts and self- Contemporary Scientific and Bhuddhist Perspectives with HH the Dalia Lama at Sera Monastry, Bylakupee from December, 14-17, 2015.

Karma Dorjee. 23-Dec-2015. TSS News
When His Holiness the Dalai Lama arrived in Bangalore yesterday after a comfortable flight from Delhi the road to his hotel was lined with Tibetans eager to catch a glimpse of their spiritual leader. This morning too they lined the street in the warm sunshine, katags, flowers and incense in their hands and smiles on their faces, to see him off. A drive of about 70kms brought him to Tumkur University for his third visit.

Karma Dorjee. 26-Dec-2014. TSS News

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As a member of Tibetan Scientific Society, I had the great privilege to attend the dialogue between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and a group of scientists on the topic of “Quantum Effects” at Dharamshala from 1-3 November, 2018. As a working scientist, I recognized the importance of this meeting that explored the points of convergence between Quantum Physics and Buddhist Philosophy. I will share, through this letter, my experience as an 'objective' observer.

Up until sometime ago it was believed and taught in medical schools that once connections in the brain are set in the fetus or in early infancy there is nothing much that can be done to change these in an adult brain. That is the reason cited for the little recovery of function when there is damage to the nervous system and the notorious difficulty in treating the diseases of the brain. But this cross wiring phenomenon unveiled by Dr. Ramachandran and his team at UCSD flatly contradicts this. They have shown through their research that the even an adult human brain is capable for immense ‘plasticity’ or malleability. The brain can change.

As Niels Bohr, one of the greatest physicists to have lived in the twentieth century, puts it, the relation between the observer and the observed lies at the heart of quantum mechanics. The uncertainty principle as formulated by Werner Heisenberg, puts a fundamental limit to the certainty with which we can ‘know’ about certain aspects of a system.